2014-02-19 15:21

creating an iOSOpenDev application and a tweak in the same package

Q:I've spent three days looking how to create (using iOSOpenDev) one package (.deb) containing an application and a tweak at the same time and I could not find anything.It is possible to do this?

A:What you can do is in the xcode project, create two targets (one tweak and one application), both using iOS open dev, and then package them in the same deb. The way you would package them both is creating the correct path to the applications folder (/Applications/YourApp.app) and the path to where your tweak goes (/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraies) in the same deb folder, and then build the folder by typing this in terminal

sudo dpkg-deb -b YourDebFolder

The folder should look likethis












Where DEBIAN contains the control file, Library contains a subfolder named MobileSubstrate, which then contains another subfolder DynamicLibraries, which contains the tweak, and the Applications folder contains the YourApp.app file.